Our Story

It all started a long time ago – time flys, isn’t it? In summer 1999 we came to America with big hopes, wide-open eyes, and expectations of something amazing. And it quickly came – Spring 2000 – “Internet bubble” burst and Dimitry end up without his computer job. But remember what John F. Kennedy ones said? – ”… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Yes, it was our slogan then, and it is our slogan now. Dimitry has started to work with various general contractors as a handyman and carpenter. But he always wanted to be his own boss, and he established Double Quality Remodeling in June 2002. The company he opened is a legal partnership between him and his wife, Yelena. Dimitry successfully passed the requisite examinations and obtained his general contractor’s license in May 2004.





Our approach  

What is the best way to connect with me? Email or text. You can call me during the regular working hours, but if I am not picking up the phone just leave me a message – a brief description of your project, your name, and phone number – I am usually returning the calls the same day or in the morning next one. Our first conversation will determine if your project is right “fit” for me. I am doing this for a long time now, and I do know what I can do for you and what I can not. Then we schedule the date and time when I can come and look at your project. Usually, I am available to 6 pm on weekdays or Saturdays from the morning until late afternoon. An estimate will take around 1 hour, depending on the size of your project: I will have a lot of questions for you, so be ready! I will email you my itemize estimate in writing after 2-3 days, depend on how busy my schedule is.